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"Talking about the history of Lynus Viñedos y Bodegas is talking about the story of a dream, a dream that, like almost all, comes true if you work hard and fight hard to achieve it"
Our History

"Understanding the past to understand the present..."

We are a young family business that was born in 1999 with the planting of 35 hectares of vineyards in the Municipality of Quintanilla de Arriba, in the area known as the "Golden Mile" of the Ribera del Duero, a privileged Spanish area for the production of wines. high quality reds, due to its particular climate, soils and its important history.

The beginnings...

Our vineyard

Our vineyards are located on the terraces of the Duero, in soils of tertiary origin formed by the sedimentary deposits of the Duero River. These soils are made up of highly permeable fine material and limestone rocks with a pH greater than 8.2. The climate is marked by low rainfall (450 mm), dry and hot summers and long winters, as well as marked temperature fluctuations during critical periods such as veraison and grape ripening.

At Lynus, in order...

Our Winery

Our winery is located in the municipality of Quintanilla de Arriba. Currently, our annual production is around 60,000 bottles and our vinifications are characterized by combining tradition and modernity, claiming respect for artisan tradition without rejecting the contribution of new knowledge. We believe in a segmentation of the vinifications starting from our vineyard, seeking harmony and the expression of the peculiarities of our "pagos": Roldan,...

Our Wines

A wine for every occasion:

  • Lynus Infante
  • Alma
  • Lynus Origen
  • Año de Gracia

Choose your Lynus experience.

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